Monday, March 5, 2007

What do men want?

OK, please help me to understand what it is that men want-please, will you? I used to have these pretty, fluttery ideas about love and all that-you know that 'love is caring, love is understanding, patience etc." i could write up all these 'spiritual' meanings of love, thinking i was so deep and all that-till i learned! i don't believe in all that fairy tale stuff anymore. By the way, I'm a female.

IT'S not as pretty as it looks on tv and I'm sure lots of you have figured that out. I want to know what men really want. First of all, I wanted honesty but I happened to meet the MOST blunt fella in the world, meaning I KNOW who I'm dealing with. If he fucked somebody at the club last night, he’ll tell me STRAIGHT to my face he did. He’s a man, and when a men wants, he seeks. And If a woman offers, he’s certainly not going to refuse. Men sleep around. YES they do! I know personally of men who have their girlfriends at home but still have 'things' on the side, so that they can keep their motivation. You know, getting a taste of something new will keep them motivated instead of "going in the same hole all the time" (words of my boyfriend). Actually, it's like a benefit for their wives/girlfriends because the GFs are the ones getting the "good wood". Basically, men want to be spunked out all the time, can be with their soulmates, but usually crave something fresh once in a while. Now ladies, if you're gonna hate me, then fine. I DONT CARE! I used to have these romantic illusions, so to speak, but no more. Relationships are hard. And every time you think you have something about your ‘mate’ figured out, there’s ALWAYS the next hurdle waiting just around the corner for you-I Promise you!

I’ve seen these things in my own eyes, and that’s why I’ve given up this fairly tale imagination and just decided fuck it-just be real about it. Most men are like this. They might not feel comfortable going out with their GFs because they won’t get a chance to stretch their eyes too far and maybe flirt with other women knowing the GF’s right there. But with their boys? Huh it’s all hell broken loose. But that’s how it is-Get with it. You have to understand, my grandmother said ”a man has no shame”. Meaning, he can sleep around with 30 women but he’s not the one that’s gonna be called a slut or whore etc. Double standard? That’s how it is.

I prefer someone who’s real with me and says “yes, I fucked her!” than a wimp who’s gonna say “baby, I love only you, I’ll never cheat on you” and all other nonsense they think some women want to hear. Men like to fuck and they get bored fast. FACT! Those I know of who ‘go outside for something fresh’, or are seeking it, a married man calling his wife’s friend up when he has no business doing so, married men who admit that there’s temptation outside and just to avoid it, they turn their heads, etc. , if they really love THEIR woman, guess what-they STAY with their woman! The woman on the side is just a buddy, just a motivation. A man who loves his woman, won’t just go and mess up his family for a next woman. Men talk raw, dirty and when I just started listening, I was surprised about the things I didn’t know they do talk about: pussy, who they want to fuck, how the one he fucked was, what position, the 3some fantasy, that ass etc. The man talk is RAW! That’s how it is. And I’m not talking about the 15, 16 year old wanna be a player boys because they think it’s cool. I’m talking about men 25 and up, who’ve lived with women, been with women who already have their own kids, had experience etc. I’ve seen 2 men juggle 2 women and the women knew about each other! I’ve seen a man sex his boy’s woman because she put out! I didn’t know these things existed. And men play these games, they’re on the hunt. After the kill, it’s over for the prey! A man is a man! A man wants a woman. He also wants the woman to understand how a man is. A man wants a woman who knows her business, is a working woman, a WOMAN. And he’s NOT going to leave that for a fling with a younger thing on the side who, frankly can’t do a dam thing for him because she still lives at home or just because she was a neat piece of ass. Look, I think most men are like us women-they've been at their lovey dovey stage, but they got burned too, and maybe it all comes down to macho, but it's like this. This isn’t an article about condoning men’s ‘double standard behavior’ or whatever. It’s to say that’s how men are. Ask any man. No, not the 15 year old boy, A MAN.

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